Courtship 3: Jeepney Stop

Love is patient, love is kind…

The first two words of a verse in the Bible seems to be off nowadays. Love, or specifically romantic interactions with the opposite sex was done in a hasty matter. Sadly, it ends in a hasty matter as well.

For the past few weeks, I have been working on a series about courtship. My intention is not to encourage young people to court or to be courted but to provide insights if we really have the guts, the resources, the wisdom and the purity to pursue a relationship.

The phrase for this day is: Jeepney Stop. I know that you have been on a jeepney stop or a waiting shed to wait for public utility vehicles that may help you to reach a desired location. And as I write the previous sentence, we can concoct a common word. Yes. Waiting.

Wait. Yield. Halt. Hold. There are many words that are associated in waiting. Patience. Stop, Look, and Listen. In this world, the word wait is commonly used.

But sometimes, commonly neglected. Especially in terms of love.

Personally, I hate jeepney stops. I hate waiting for a jeepney. And I really hate waiting for me to get to the destination sitting on a jeepney. That is why I love walking around, i love the adventure, i love reminiscing memories while walking. I think a lot when I walk.

I prefer walking than riding. Seriously.

In fact, I already placed my insights on the illustration above. What are my points?

  1. Being in a jeepney stop marks that you are ready to be shaped by God when it comes to romantic interactions. In this stage, God is shaping your mindsets, your convictions, your habits, your finances, your priorities. This stage requiresto have a strong relationship with God, a one-to-one growth with Him.
  2. A person of the opposite sex will also stumble on the jeepney stop. If he/she isn’t patient, that person will go out and start walking on his/her own. Otherwise, he/she will choose to be shaped as well. He/she will remain under the Shade.
  3. Then the jeep will arrive, and by the call of the Driver’s voice, you will be inside His vehicle. In this stage, His call will be heard by you, and the one He placed for you. Then you will be in a journey that will last, and God will provide the ways to make your relationship in His context and standards.

In my case, I am still in the process of walking and finding the right stop for me. Perhaps you are as well. In this stage, we are being shaped as singles for God. Enjoy it. Cherish it. God has placed you as well in this process. No need to hurry and find the stop. And if the time comes and you find yourself standing in a front of a jeepney stop, pray. Seek God’s call if it really is your break.

In summary:

  • In love, there are jeepney stops. Stops that will require you to wait. Stops that will require forlong-term patience and wisdom. What will waiting give us? Maturity. Endurance. Faith. We are supposed to wait for the right person. We should wait for him/her until the jeepney appears to pick you up.
  • In love, there are jeepneys. Jeepneys have drivers. In this case, the jeep called love has a Driver. He is also called the Matchmaker. God. Jeepneys are the exploits, the journey, the adventure. After you wait, after the jeep finally arrives, you will find yourself with someone who will be with you as you reach a destination. Destinations are goals. And this goals, are set by God.

Therefore I ask you: Are you ready to be on the jeepney stop?

Courtship 3: Jeepney Stop

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