Courtship 4: World of Mario

Have you played Super Mario Brothers? I did. It is one of the many highlights of our generation. It was developed on 1985 and certainly became a trend for those who are geeks on gaming consoles.

But do you know that we can get some love lessons from this game? You might thought that it is crazy, but there is really a connection! That is why I chose it as the next installment for my Courtship series.

For a clear background, the series started in determining the right standard/s of being in the stage of courtship. The second one states that romance without wisdom is dangerous. The third and the latest installment encourages everyone to wait for love with patience and purity.

After discussing about discernment, wisdom, and patience in the context of purity; we are going to talk about patience as well. This time, in the context of perseverance.

…It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

The italicized words above comes from the love verse of the Bible. Simply put, it says that love perseveres. And like what I said on the last installment, Courtship 3: Jeepney Stopthese words are somewhat off on our generation. Why?

In modern romance, this generation tend to start in a hasty way. Then it will also end in the same manner. For the former, patience in terms of purity should prevail in order for us to not selfishly give our hearts to our “presumed partner.” We need “jeepney stops,” or time for us to mature in God’s love and to be immersed in His standards.

But we might misunderstand that being in a jeepney stop means that we should be passive on this matter. While we focus on God’s love, we should also be not secluded. We should not block our hearts. And we should not also give up on trying.

Like Mario. He is the man. He doesn’t give up.

When I played the game for the first time, I became disappointed when I finished World 1-4. After beating the lights off Bowser (which is the fake anyway), the Mushroom Man said that the Princess was not there and try the next world castle. Then after 7 more tries (if you don’t use warp tunnels), you finally met the princess and saved the day.

The question is: What if, like me, Mario became disappointed and stopped searching for Princess Toadstool? What if, he is a quitter?

Like in courtship, what if you somewhat fall for someone or what if you realize that he/she is your crush but circumstances and situations tell you it is not or still not appropriate? What if God intervened and said, “that person is not for you?”

Does this mean we should give up on this stage? That we should let our feelings and emotions get the most out of us and let the selfish love take over?

Sadly, the taking over part happens. Maybe you hear about someone who breaks a couple by becoming the infamous third party. Maybe you hear about someone who gives their certain someone everything yet the person doesn’t reciprocate the feelings.

Like Quest’s Back to Love said: “You’ve been deceived by what you see. Got confused, no clarity. The love that you know is a fallacy.” Sadly, love that comes from God and which is good becomes an idol. Love becomes an instrument of filling a gap that swallows morality and right conduct.

Therefore, what can we do? What should we do.

Answer: Be a Mario.

1. Mario does not run from the problem. Instead, he faces it. In fact, he pounds/burns them. Mario goes to the castle even though negative things block the way. In love, trials make an individual/ a couple resilient.

2. Mario does not give up. In love, even though a person realize or discern that the someone he/she looks up for isn’t the right one for him/her, he/she doesn’t dwell with depression. He/she instead resolves that God will give that “someone” in the future and that “someone” is the best for him/her.

3. Mario moves on. His life doesn’t stop on the wrong castle. In love, the past doesn’t matter. Dumped? Friendzoned? Abused? IT DOES NOT MATTER. God’s plan is a perfect plan. That someone will be perfect for you, uniquely for you.

For the men who will read this blogpost, be a Mario, continue seeking provided that you will focus your trust on God, and He will be the priority in that season. Don’t fear the trials bro, it will make you more macho. 🙂 For the women, be the Princess. Accept your future Mario even though he stumbled on the wrong castle. The mistakes are not important. Yes, the lesson matters, and the manner God shaped your Mario will make him the perfect one for you.

Courtship 4: World of Mario

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