Is God Just A Tab?

Everyone asks a question. And everyone gives effort in order to get an answer to these questions. In our modern world, there are already various ways in order to obtain an answer. Just connect to the Internet and seek the answer in your heart’s content.

Due to this phenomena, there are times that we fail to seek God’s counsel first. Whenever a major decision making takes place, we found sanctuaries in our friends’ advice, in our parents’ sermon, and sadly, within ourselves. I am not saying that we should isolate ourselves and disregard our friends and our family but God wants us to seek Him first, and build the foundations of our choice in His context.

Matthew 6:33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. (ESV)

The previous verse says it all. You do not have to worry on seeking other people for you to have an answer to your questions, go to God first, and He will provide the people you need in order to fulfill your calling.

So is your God just a tab? A substitute? I think we should debunk this habit and start making God your browser, so that whenever you need an answer to your questions, you just have to open it up to God, and He will give His results, pleasing results.

Is God Just A Tab?

3 thoughts on “Is God Just A Tab?

  1. samirnazim says:

    As someone who is not a believer in God and/or has no faith, I am lost on the whole concept of “go to God for answers”. I mean this with no offence, just a concerned reader.

  2. faintsignal says:

    I rather enjoyed this article! Yes, in my opinion this soinds accurate. I have learned that leaning on my own understanding is quite dangerous in the spiritual sense. And another famous opinion of mine? Man knows nothing! 😀

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