Fast Food Urban Legends

Wow. This is a cool read. Not believing it entirely but still…it is cool. 🙂

Thought Catalog

Burger King

Burger King started selling sweet potato fries long before almost every other fast-food chain. What’s their secret? As it turns out, their sweet potato fries aren’t actually made with the starchy vegetable — they’re just regular fries with added sugar and a spot of orange food coloring. Sweet, potato fries. Surprisingly no customers have yet complained about the lack of vegetables or surplus of sugar in their fast food.


The first Starbucks opened on March 30th, 1971. To commemorate this day, every 30th drink prepared by baristas in every location is a secret free drink — first come first serve. The drink is usually the seasonal favorite, a Pumpkin Spice or Red Velvet latte, so grab it and go before someone else does — never mind the name they call, nor the man chasing you. The only thing more delicious than a seasonal latte is a free…

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Fast Food Urban Legends

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