My Dog is a Christian (by the world’s standards)


If I would take the world’s definition of a Christian, then my dog is a good Christian! He doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t lie, and is a servant obedient to his master.

But the Word says that a Christian is a person whose life is surrendered to Christ, someone who is in awe of the gospel. His life isn’t centered by rules, but centered in the fact that he lives by the grace of God and accepts this fact wholeheartedly. His passion is not just to be saved from the dangers of hell, but to have a relationship with his Master.

Powered by Grace, filled with God’s love. A sinner saved by the Messiah’s blood.

My Dog is a Christian (by the world’s standards)

Discipline and Faith

Do not let the excuse, “I do not have enough time” to stop what God has in store for you.

Are you spending enough quiet times with Him or has it become an option only if you feel like doing it?

If you really do not have enough time to do things for Him, then start logging out on Facebook or Twitter. Start praying. Start reading the Bible. Be a disciple, not just a believer.

Discipline and Faith

Blind Faith?

What is blind faith?
Is it the description of my faith?

The thing is I am already blind. I am incapacitated. I am lost. I am insignificant.

But faith made me see. Faith made me able. Faith laid ways. Faith made me feel loved.

And faith didn’t came from me, it came from Him, because He is unlimited in faithfulness.

I am still in wonder whether my faith can move real mountains. But there is something in me faith moved: The mountain of apathy, sin and evil.

Blind Faith?